2001 - ano III

Literaturas de Língua Inglesa

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Poemas de Mariana Gabriel*


Since I first saw you,
Guiding light in my stormy sea,
I want to be drowned

My ship is taken by the wind
that blows from your mouth
I want to be drowned

in your saliva,
in your hair,
in your hands...

Have me, my sailor!
Lead me to the warm shore
of your chest
Push my lifeboat
with the words you whisper in my ear and
drown it

Sink me
Take me to Neptune
Let's swim in the deep bottom
of my soul

Getting that wet can be hazardous
And, what for, my imaginary mariner?
If love is nothing
but a bunch of great expectations


In my dreams
you're real
you do see me
you do love me
you do know I exist.

If this wonderland
was on Earth
would you be the knight
that rescues me from my eternal sleep?

Let's hide in the woods
Let's be Adam and Eve
and taste the forbidden fruit.

I wish I was your apple for
I am dying of lust
Being consumed
by the mere thought of your presence
in my world.

I don't want to wait
for this fantasy to be over
Waking up without you
and facing my raw reality
is too cruel to me
There is no point in suffering like that.

I'd rather live
in my dreams
stop daydreaming
I'd rather perish
and go on the back of your horse
riding through the clouds.


wandering in this
masquerade ball
I see different faces

different places
different worlds that

mingle into a single one: mine.


Through sliding doors

sliding looks that

flee from facing each other's heart,
I stare at the multitude
I dare to observe the real selves
I'm bold enough not to speak
merely analysing the attitudes,



They all come true in this fake world
where the real scars
and the wounds
are undercover
Everything is beautiful,


when the souls are concealed.


I keep on searching
for a glimpse of flesh and blood
Expecting the rain to fall
and wash the filth
of these wealthy bums
begging to be noticed,



Even freezing
I persist
among those arid soils,

dry seeds,
empty bodies

wishing for a ray of light
to shine and
warm me up
so that I can move on

through the cold darkness.

Mariana Gabriel é aluna do Curso de Português - Inglês da Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF)- Sempre gostei de ler, o mundo das idéias me fascina; porém, nunca me imaginei escrevendo poemas em Inglês - algo que me foi despertado nas aulas de literatura. Quando ponho minhas impressões numa folha de papel, não é mais a MARIANA que ali está, mas outra pessoa. Talvez surja a MARIANA que eu gostaria de ser - mais impulsiva, passional, vivida e sempre à procura de algo novo, sem tantas responsabilidades, cobranças internas ou busca da perfeição. Aonde o ato de escrever vai me levar sinceramente não sei, só posso dizer que me faz bem, que me liberta e me ajuda a saber melhor quem eu sou e o que eu quero para minha vida

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