2002 - Ano IV





1. The Revista Brasil de Literatura will consider articles and reviews in the areas of literatures in English language. After being accepted by at least two referees of the Editorial Board the paper may be published.

2. Papers should be submitted in floppy disks, 3 1/2 HD or by e-mail (attachment). The submitted paper will only be considered if they adapt to the editorial standards specified by the journal, in order to achieve uniformity.

3. Specified Standards: title of book or journal should be underlined; title of chapter or a book section should be between "inverted commas"; all quotations should be in italics and, in case of long quotations (more than two lines) they should be indented. Any word or expression that the author wants to highlight should be in bold type. Authors are requested to place notes at the end of the text. As for references in the body of the text, they should contain the author’s surname as well as date of publication and page number in parentheses. Bibliographical references should be placed at the end of the text according to the following general format:

a. Book: author’s surname, title of book (underlined), place of publication, publisher and date.
b. Journal: author’s surname, "title of article", name of journal (underlined), volume, number and date.
c.Files should be in "RTF" (Rich Text Format).

4. Any contribution in paper or fax will not be accepted, nor will any material received be returned.

5. Papers should contain two abstracts (an English and other language version) as well as the author’s identification (name, institution, post, degrees, titles, latest publications, research interest) no more than five lines in length.

6.The submitted paper by an author implies that she/he is freely consenting the Copyright to Revista Brasil de Literatura to publish the article via Internet. At the same time, the author of the article is free to have it published again in any other vehicle of communication.

7. Papers do not have, necessarily, to be unpublished work. The reading public of this journal differs greatly from the ones of paper publications.

8. We understand that a publication via Internet does not fit in the Copyright system that an author reserves to a traditional publisher. However, any juridical question that may rise from the concession of contributions to Revista Brasil de Literatura is of the entire responsibility of the author.

9. The contributions in the issue of poetry and fiction are requested by the editorial of Revista Brasil de Literatura.

10. Correspondence to Literature in English Language should be sent to the following addresses:

e-mail: mcmont@marlin.com.br


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